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Why You Should Have a Responsive Website

Meaning of a Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is a website that is designed to work optimally not only in regular computers but also on smartphones and tablets. It is created to utilize the same resources from the desktop’s website and displays the information appropriately in accordance to the device used by the visitor to access the website.

Need for a Responsive Website

Sainoor Media, Web Design Company in India has been helping its clients reap the benefits of a Responsive Website.A Responsive website is the need of the hour as it will help to promote your business to a great extent.
Staggering growth in usage of Mobile devices

In recent times there has been an increase in the usage of smartphones and tablets as most of these devices allow easy access to the Internet.Your site needs to be coded correctly for the devices so that the information regarding your products and services is displayed instantly when the user is searching for it. If the website of your company is not easy to navigate, the user will tend to look for another company in the search engine to make their purchase. This one lost sale could affect your company’s profit.

It has been seen that most of the website traffic is from these mobile devices as they enable the user to easily get information on any product or service instantly.

Increase in online Shopping

There has been a steady rise in online shopping in recent times with more than 80% of consumers using smartphones for their online shopping. So it is important that your company’s website is mobile friendly, so that your product or service is made available on the internet when your client or your prospective client is trying to search for it regardless of the type of device that they are using.

Responsive websites provide better user experience

A responsive website perfectly adapts to different types of devices. This helps in providing a better user experience and thereby boosting conversions and reducing bounce rates.

Increase in R.O.I

Having a responsive website means that you will need to manage only one website which adapts to different devices. This is very cost effective as you have to spend lesser in terms of managing the website and at the same time you are able to reap the benefits of increase in rate of investment.


Increase in SEO Rankings

Google and other Search engines are giving more preference to responsive websites than non-responsive websites in their search results. Responsive websites use single URLs for all mobile versions and hence they perform better in Per Google search rankings and provide a better user experience.

At Sainoor Media we provide the best Web Design Services in India. We ensure that while designing a responsive website the following features are included:

  • It should look good and be easy to navigate
  • Your company phone number and contact form are displayed
  • Your popular products are displayed on your website

These features will be beneficial to your company because when a user searches for products or services you are specializing in on the internet, it will be easily displayed as your company has a responsive website. This one click will enable to convert visitors to your website into prospective clients.

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