How to improve website ranking on Google



How to improve website ranking on Google

It is quite natural for everyone having the online presence of their business to aspire for good search engine ranking on Google. In fact, they would love to have their site listed in the first page of the search engine results. With thousands of competitors vying for the coveted results, how to reach there? Again, even after reaching there, how to retain the place? Sainoor media, the renowned SEO Company in Pune lists out the ways to improve website ranking on Google.

Website rankings are made by Google based on several factors and complex search engine algorithms. Panda, Penguin, hummingbird are some of the code named algorithms that have been or still being used by Google to filter the web pages as per the search query. Although the algorithms are closely guarded secrets, SEO experts have figured out some of the aspects that actually contribute to the enhancements of rankings.

  1. Relevant content

    Quality or interesting contents alone can’t cut the mustard. The content also has to be relevant and original. When we say relevant pages, it means that periodic auditing of all the pages ought to be conducted to weed out the stale contents and infuse fresh feel. Only good contents are organically linked by the other websites and this would definitely lead into the good books of Google. Highlighting the keyword phrases through bolds and italics is a good tactic but any overdoing is a big ‘NO’.

    Think as user

    A successful SEO campaign begins by wearing the shoes of a user. It is an unwritten rule that the keywords usually coined by the user to search for your product should be available in the content of the page. If not, there is absolutely no way for the Google to infer those key words from the general language of the web page. For example, if a user searches with the phrase “best architect in Pune”, the chances of your page getting listed in the first page is bright if and only if the same phrase is present in your content.

    Links are good for website

    Another important factor that Google considers for your page ranking is the number of links that point to your web page. The underlying fact is that the pointing links are more only if the web page has relevant and important contents. An important aspect that has to be noted is that the origin of links should also be from a good and quality site. So, it is of no use creating artificial links from temporary or virtual sites and perhaps it can also back fire.


    It is always vital to provide the proper metadata for title, description, and keywords. While the title metadata provides the browser window with the page title at the top, the description metadata, as the name suggests, provides the text for the page search return. No doubt, a crisp, clear, and attractive meta description reaps good results. Lastly, it is the wise choice of good keyword metadata that fetches the viewers. As a thumb rule, around five phrases with each phrase containing one to four words give good results. Without these important metadata, there is not an iota of chance to rank well.

    Incorporate alt tags

    It can be a stunning image describing your product or a high definition video illustrating your manufacturing capacity – are they alt tagged? Any image or visual in the webpage cannot be read by the search engines if they do not have alt tags or alternative text descriptions. So, as far as search engines are concerned, it is those alt tags that give life to your images and videos.

    Other neat tips

    It is always a good idea to build a site map exclusively for the easy navigation of robots inside your webpage and indexing. Although nothing is guaranteed that a site map boosts the rank, it at least provides the chance for the pages to be viewed by the bots if it had been missed earlier due to the navigability design of the page. In fact, by maintaining the site map and robots.txt, it is possible to restrict the crawling of search engine spiders into certain pages of your site.

    Internal links

    Google can definitely read even dynamically generated pages, provided it is linked. In fact it is a good practice to facilitate the viewing of all pages in the site through internal links. If all pages are not linked, even the bots can’t enter them for indexing.

    With numerous other factors contributing towards the Google rankings, the trick to achieve the pinnacle is through smart and latest practices. Sainoor Media, one of the renowned SEO firms in Pune, comprehensively covers all the strategies, right from website audit to social media advertisements, to elevate the business of client through ethical white hat practices.


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